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When you think of therapy you think of sterile offices with ergonomic chaise loungers. Wildernew set out to change that. Based in Dallas, Texas,  Wildernew offers outdoor therapy sessions to engage both physically and mentally as clients walk and talk through issues at local parks and hiking trails. In a culture that is always on, simply spending time in nature is an often overlooked way to help bring balance and well-being back into our noisy lives.

I hired Numa for an impossible task – to help me realize a unique dream I had developed for 12 years- and it was the best decision! Jarrett is a true visionary and creative who was able to capture the vision and bring it to life with the perfect name and identity through flawless logo and web design. From start to finish, he was patient, attentive and professional. I’ve gotten incredible feedback from the community and I proudly recommend Jarrett for design work. I sing his praises daily and am forever indebted to him and the work he has done.”