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A  collection of advice, news, and inspiration to empower brands.

How Branding Creates Buy-In from Team Members

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A study conducted by Ernst & Young concluded that fewer than half of employees believe in their company’s brand. According to recent research from Gallup, only 27 percent of U.S.…

Specialization vs. Generalization

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When customers can Google and find the best in the world, they won’t hire you because you are average or well rounded. They will hire you because you are brilliant…

Branded House vs. House of Brands

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One organization. Multiple brands. How do you organize them in a way that is clear to the consumer but still builds equity in the mother brand? Here are a few…

7 Myths About Branding

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Sometimes it’s hard to define what a brand actually is. In order to define what something is we often find it helpful to define what it is not. Here are…

Trust the Process

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While we are always seeking the new and chasing the different, getting there doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the act of trusting a proven process and allowing room for magic…

Responsive Logo Design

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If you've taken part in building a website since the iPhone, you've probably heard the term "responsive design" — the idea that your website responds to the device in use…

5 Books to Read Before Launching a Brand

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You have the next big idea. Now what? If you don’t know this yet, having the idea is actually the easy part. It’s building the idea, branding it, and marketing…

Featured on the Ministry Growth Podcast

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Studio Numa's Creative Director, Jarrett Johnston, was recently invited to be a guest on the Ministry Growth Show podcast to share some thoughts on brand strategy and identity within the…

Meet Jarrett Johnston, Creative Director of Studio Numa

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Jarrett Johnston. Jarrett, let’s start with your story. I grew up in Canyon, a small town in West Texas. It’s the kind of…