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Brighter Day Press exists to equip and inspire parents to teach in their homes with confidence, creativity, and truth. They create beautiful educational resources that are Biblically-based and manageable for busy moms. Their impact in the homeschooling community has already been felt, and we had the pleasure of furthering their important mission.

Numa partnered with Brighter Day Press to update their visual identity, refine their messaging, and update their Shopify website. It’s a blend of traditional, literature inspired design with clear messaging to create a lively and beautiful brand.

Numa exceeded our expectations in nearly every way. At first, we thought they would just create a logo for us and redo our website. But they also helped us with our messaging and put into words ideas and ideals that we had been struggling to communicate. They made our brand more compelling, cohesive, and inviting to future customers. They also elevated our brand aesthetically on the new website, making it easier to navigate, more appealing, and more congruent with what we envisioned. We are so pleased with the final outcome!”